• HTML page

    Impress your followers with the main page, make your app unforgettable with home screen.

  • Web page

    Display an URL inside of embedded web browser.

  • RSS/Atom Feed

    Parses an RSS feed URL you provide to display the title and description fields of RSS feed items.

  • Video List

    Displays videos you provide as a list with titles and text descriptions.

  • Events

    Publish your events: date, title, and description.

  • News

    Post news stories from the CMS, or automatically from your RSS feed.

  • Audio Stream

    Provide live audio stream from your website.

  • Photo Album

    Share your Picasa or Flickr photo albums, or upload images from other sources!

  • E-Book

    Publish your book on iPhone!

  • Twitter

    Bring your twitter account and conversations into your app to keep the discussion flowing.

  • Facebook

    Give access to your Facebook wall – integrate your Facebook social profile.

  • Google Maps

    Google Maps is a great way to make it easy for your customers to find you!

  • Google Calendar

    Keep your audience updated with Google Calendar!

  • Tap to Call

    Call (phone number you provide) using the iPhone’s built-in telephony application.

  • Tap to Email

    Email (email address you provide) using the iPhone’s built-in email application.

  • Contacts

    Provide easy access to your contact information; display several contacts with one instance of the module!

  • e-Commerce

    Sell products directly through your app!

  • Take a picture

    Make a picture with device’s photo camera and share it within the app

  • Custom form

    Create a custom input form for appointments, reservations, surveys, contact form, etc

  • Coupons

    Create and share coupons to offer special discounts to your customers: use RSS feeds or HTML editor

  • QR code

    The module immediately opens up the phone’s camera and takes you to barcode scanning screen.

  • Calculator

    Make math as simple as possible with custom calculator!

  • Fan Wall

    Connect with your users in real time.

  • Instagram

    Share your Instagram posts in your mobile app.

  • Custom JS/HTML/PhoneGap

    Create and customize with JAVA and HTML .